Nooz is proud to announce delivery of online "Indie Nooz Reporter" which aims at teaching students:

  • how to report the Nooz
  • ethics,
  • mobile journalism,
  • social networking skills,
  • make a studio on a budget
  • use your mobile device to make nooz
  • GoPro and other body cam devices as nooz gathering tools.
  • The online course will be offered on the collaborative education platform. Once Nooz classrooms are operational, students may enrol at anytime, completion is self paced, the platform and delivery consists of interactive media, exercises, quizzes and activities. The courses will be offered on a basis of donation of original journalistic media. We do not charge a fee. Nooz is and always will be independent and NOT FOR PROFIT.

    Upon completion you will be issued with a Nooz Press Card

    .Nooz Indi Reporter